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10 Intel Tablets To Be Shown At Computex 2011

Intel's partners will unveil at least 10 new tablets at the Computex trade show in Taipei that will start on the 31st of May. Last week Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, told analysts that the company had managed to attract 35 tablet designs with the Atom alone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Navin Shenoy, Intel's general manager for Asia-Pacific, indicated that customers can expect more than 35 tablets based on Intel chips by the end of the year, although he didn't mention whether they will be based solely on Atom Oak Trail based processors or on ultra low voltage Sandy Bridge parts.

Who are the 10 partners that will launch Intel tablets at Computex? Lenovo told us yesterday that they won't have an official presence at the event, so that rules one of the biggest players in the market out.

This leaves Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Acer, Asus, MSI, Toshiba, Gigabyte, LG and Samsung. That said, we expect to see significantly more tablets with ARM inside at the event, as a few big names - LG & Fujitsu to name two - have come to the market since the last big tablet fest at MWC in February.

Whether the new Atom-based tablets will just be upgraded versions of models we saw earlier this year or completely different beasts altogether remains to be seen, especially in the light of what Apple has achieved with the iPad 2.