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£70.49 Netgear NG-MS2000 Network Attached Storage, Free 500GB Drive Via Claim Form

The NETGEAR NG MS2000 is highly efficient home network storage with loads of new, innovative technology, at a really affordable price. The NG MS2000 has been designed for providing you a reliable platform to store, protect and share all your digital collections - be it music, videos, movies, images or data. You can take the advantage of all these features using any device on your home network.

The product is suitable for a wide range of tasks, such as sharing a photo album with your close ones, uploading your favorite images on Facebook with ease, creating backups for the contents in your PC or Mac and many more.

The Automatic back up feature that comes with the device is more than enough to keep all your data loss worries at a fair distance. In addition to this, the NG MS2000 also allows you to introduce a second hard-drive which mirrors the first.

The dimensions of the device are 17.5 cm (W) x 15.0 cm (D) x 14.6 cm (H), and it weighs approximately 1.36 kg.

All in all, a must have product for those who simply hates to even think about losing their digital assets to technical flaws, or human-errors.

The NETGEAR NG MS2000 is available at for £70.49 only. Also a 500 GB hard drive comes absolutely for free with the product through a claim form process.