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Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 delayed

Windows Phone 7 users are getting a bit of a let down as Angry Birds is getting a slight delay in launch. Previously scheduled for a May 25 launch, the popular Rovio game, which features flying chickens and birds, will be released June 29 as part of Microsoft's "Must Have Games" programme for Xbox Live.

The series of games will be gradually released, starting with Hydro Thunder Go, a remake of the popular arcade game, for $4.99. Microsoft plans on releasing Doodle Jump next for $2.99 on June 1. Several other games are set to be released in June, like Plants vs. Zombies, before Angry Birds is released on the 29th for $2.99.

Microsoft says the Angry Birds delay will provide a better gaming experience in the long run. "The shift in timing of Angry Birds as the final title in the 'Must Have Games' lineup was a decision made to ensure we provide the best possible gaming experience on Windows Phone," a Microsoft spokesperson told Tom Warren of WinRumors.

It is important to note, however, that the Windows Phone 7 version of the game only features 195 levels of chickens hell-bent on revenge due to those pesky green pigs stealing their eggs. The original iOS version of Angry Birds features 240 levels and is only .99 cents.

Rest assured, the Windows Phone version will likely see more levels added, along with a much needed price drop. Patience, young Padawan.