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Anti-Piracy Laws May Be Disastrous For Free Speech Says Google Executive

The failure faced by numerous people while engaging with politics, mostly results from their own laziness rather than from a lack of information, said Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Mr. Schmidt made the comment at the Big Tent conference held yesterday, near London. According to him, it’s because of the easy availability of information on the Web that people are becoming more and more aware of the real world scenarios on various issues, thus making governments all around the world much more accountable to their citizens.

Expressing his concerns over the general public’s apparent disinterest in various political issues, the executive chairman lashed out, “people become lazy. They don't understand that freedom has been fought for."

Mr. Schmidt also had a go at the governments of UK and US for their plans to block file sharing websites, which according to him, will be nothing else but a direct hit on “freedom of speech”.

He also hinted that in case the laws to block “piracy” websites are actually enforced, Google won’t hesitate to fight back on the issue in the strongest possible manner.

"I would be very, very careful if I were a government about arbitrarily [implementing] simple solutions to complex problems," Schmidt said.