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Brauckmann In control Of Attachmate’s SUSE Division

Nils Brauckmann is going to lead the newly created SUSE business unit, Attachmate’s SUSE division confirmed.

Brauckmann, who earlier served Attachmate as the vice president of sales and marketing in the EMEA region, will be joining the new unit’s Nuremberg office as the president and general manager.

The appointment of Brauckmann has drawn quite a bit of attention from various circles as he hardly has any experience in the “open source” domain - a fact he reportedly acknowledged himself. However, he also said that he is "on a steep learning curve", as far as the open source product market is concerned.

According to many analysts, the company could make a huge benefit from Brauckmann’s leadership abilities, specifically through the vast amount of experience he brings along with him.

In addition to this, it is learned that Nils has also been interacting a lot lately with various people, both from inside the company, as well as those from the outside, in order to have “enough inputs” that could eventually help him clear his mind about the role he is going to play from now on.

"I know the special requirements of the community. I know we will be co-developing with the community in what I hope will be a lasting partnership with mutual benefit." Brauckmann said in a statement as quoted by H.