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British PM Asks Unemployed To Dig Ditches For Internet Cables

The 2.4 million unemployed people in the UK should be deployed to dig trenches for superfast broadband says David Davis, the Member of Parliament from Haltemprice and Howden.

Davis says that the broadband technology is not merely a technology, but a “whole modern marketplace", in which his country is lagging behind rest of the world, MediaTel reports.

He also said that efforts should be made to ensure superfast broadband connectivity for each and every household in the country, as soon as possible.

Currently only 0.2 percent of UK households are connected to superfast broadband services, while almost two million users do not have access to fibre-optics connections boasting more than 2 Mbps speed, what some people call the minimum to ensure internet functionality across all types of services.

“Britain is trailing the world in digital infrastructure. We must create a national, superfast broadband network that takes fibre optic cable to every front door in Britain" Davis said.

The plan that is already in place would use BBC licence fees to pay BT to lay cables providing superfast broadband to 60 percent of the country, mostly affecting people who live in urban areas.

No comment from the unemployed on how eager they are to start digging.