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China: Great Firewall creator hit by shoe

Police in China are hunting a man alleged to have thrown an egg and shoes at the architect of the communist state's Great Firewall web censorship system.

Fang Binxing was delivering a lecture at Wuhan University in China's Hubei province when the attack took place.

Fang, the Principal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, has been dubbed the 'Father of the Great Firewall'. He has become a hate figure among Chinese Internet users after he oversaw the development of the filtering system, which blocks access to thousands of web sites including those related to Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and the banned Falun Gong movement.

News of the protest spread quickly on micro-blogging site Twitter after a user calling himself Hanunyi posted his account of the incident, including a picture of a hand clutching an egg.

"The egg missed the target. The first shoe hit the target. The second shoe was blocked by a man and a woman," he tweeted.

An officer from Luojiashan Public Security Bureau confirmed that police were investigating the incident, news agency AP reported.