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China Mobile And Apple Reach Agreement On 4G iPhones

China Mobile and Apple have finally managed to find some common ground in regards to 4G iPhone availability in China, according to a report from MarketWatch.

The Chinese mobile services provider announced on Thursday that it has reached an agreement with Apple and added they would provide 4G iPhones on the Chinese market.

Wang Jianzhou, China Mobile Chairman has refused to give more details about the agreement but he did state that the company and the American giant were still holding talks concerning the iPhone launch. He added that more than 4 million China Mobile customers use the iPhone.

China Unicom is currently the sole Chinese operator that supplies iPhones on the Chinese market.

Wang stated that China Mobile is planning to start a commercial trial for the 4G technology the company is currently endorsing and added that time-division long term evolution could be implemented in China at the beginning of 2012.

The current trend in worldwide telecommunication technology is the launching of LTE based services which guarantee increased capacity and speed for mobile telephone networks. LTE could be viewed as the next step forward from 3G technology.

China Mobile is also preparing to use ten billion renminbi this year to develop the Chinese Wi-Fi infrastructure.