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Clearwire Puts Ericsson In Charge Of Operating Its Network

4G wireless broadband services provider Clearwire has decided to hand over the management of its network to Ericsson.

The seven-year deal will see Ericsson taking over the management of Clearwire’s entire 4G network, achieving operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs, Clearwire said.

The financial details of the deal were not disclosed but Clearwire did say that it would the retain the ownership of its assets and all future technology and strategy decisions will be its own.

Ericsson will be responsible for network engineering, operations and maintenance, including field services, 24/7 network monitoring, end-to-end engineering, provisioning and routine maintenance.

Under the deal, around 700 Clearwire employees across the US will become Ericsson employees by the middle of the year.

"Clearwire's effort to reduce costs and maximize efficiency while delivering a high quality mobile broadband service to our customers extends to all parts of our business," said Erik Prusch, Clearwire's chief operating officer, Global Telecoms Business reports.

"By engaging Ericsson, a proven leader in managed network services, we can achieve those objectives, and benefit from their extensive global expertise and best-practices developed while serving clients around the world."