Fujitsu Shoves Windows 7 Into HTC Sensation Form Factor

Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu is going to introduce a rather intriguing smartphone, that is roughly the size of an HTC Sensation but runs on Windows 7 rather than Windows Phone 7.

The phone, which has yet to be named, will be produced by the company in partnership with telecom giant NTT Docomo and will have features such as NFC, 3G wireless data access, video calling, GPS and more.

The phone - whose existence was originally reported by IDG News - obviously reminds us of the defunct Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC Range otherwise known as Origami, and is unlikely to get an official nod from Microsoft which is busy preparing the tablet friendly Windows 8.

The device will run on an Intel Atom Moorestown platform with a 4-inch 1024x600 pixel screen (surely that's close to the iPhone 4's retina display), at least 1GB RAM and loads of onboard memory.

The phone - which will be 20mm thick and 218g - will apparently run for up to 600 hours in standby and provide around 370 minutes of 3G talktime according to NTT Docomo.

Why would Fujitsu put a desktop operating system in the body of a smartphone? We're not sure but the fact that it must have a fast response time as well as touchscreen functionality means that Fujitsu is likely to face some very interesting challenges.

We're suspecting that there's more to it than merely a smartphone though. Could Fujitsu be thinking about emulating Motorola and doing a hybrid laptop solution?