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iOS Developers Form Boycott To Enlist Apple's Help Against Lodsys

Dozens of iOS developers who were targeted by patent troll Lodsys for use of an in-app upgrade button are organising a mass boycott of the API to force Apple to challenge the lawsuit on their behalf.

Lodsys, an obscure patent licensing firm, sent legal letters to dozens of iOS developers, informing them that they are infringing on its patent by using the in-app purchase API. The company asked the developers to either pay the license fee for past and present use or face a lawsuit.

Most of the developers can’t afford a lengthy lawsuit and expect Apple to intervene on their behalf, but Lodsys hasn't threatened Apple, probably because it has the resources to defend itself from such lawsuits.

App developer and former Apple engineer Mike Lee, who believes that Apple should step up and protect its developers, has helped organise the boycott using Twitter hash tags and mass bug reports to get Apple’s attention, ARS Technica (opens in new tab) reports.

“If we are going to get sued for using API, we have to not use that API. That situation is untenable, and the sooner Apple figures that out the better. You can sit back and wait for Apple, wait for other people to get Apple's attention, or you can let them know just how you feel,” said Lee.