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Kickstarter Brings TikTok And LunaTik To US Apple Stores

The LunaTik and TikTok iPod Nano accessories will hit Apple Stores this week in the US, all thanks to a massive crowdsourcing effort.

LunaTik and TikTok allow consumers to turn their iPod Nano into a wrist watch. Instead of going to traditional investors for funding, project designer Scott Wilson chose to crowdsource it on Kickstarter. Wilson founded Minimal, the company which makes the innovative accessory.

Kickstarter is a platform that allows people to offer funding for creative projects like music albums, documentaries and art and also fund start-ups. The company started to gain attention for its out-of-the-box concept and managed to raise $1 million from crowdsourcing.

Wilson said that he was able to test the prototypes of the accessories on consumers, by offering them free samples based on the amount of funding they provided. The LunaTik and TikTok have already sold more than 22,000 units and another 21,000 pre-orders have been placed.

Starting this week, the accessories will also be available in Apple Stores across the US. The wrist watches are also available from the LunaTik website. Customers will be able to buy the LunaTik in silver and red ($79.95) and the TikTok in black and white ($39.95).