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Late News: SAP Claims Enterprises Not Ready For Cloud ERP, Zeus Source Code Leaked, Malware Outbreak On Mac OS

German enterprise software maker SAP has claimed that large businesses are not ready to move their enterprise resource planning platforms to the cloud. According to V3, the company seems sceptic about large organisations adopting cloud based ERP solutions.

A virus that had infected computers belonging to unemployment offices in Massachusetts may have allowed hackers to steal social security numbers and other private information. The Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development agency said in a statement that some 1.500 computer systems were discovered to be infected with the W32.QAKBOT virus, which ultimately caused the massive data breach.

Source code for the infamous Zeus botnet has been leaked online and is available for anyone to download and use, security experts have warned. Security experts believe that the leak could allow hackers to churn out more sophisticated versions of the malware. The source code was leaked in at least three different locations, experts said.

Recent reports indicate a massive malware outbreak underway on Apple’s Mac OS platform. People who believe that the Mac OS is incorruptible are in for some serious jolts with an Apple Care executive claiming that the malware problem on Mac is increasing moment by moment.

Collaboration and social media tools are preventing employees from realising their full productivity, causing millions of dollars in losses for companies, a survey has found. The survey, which took comments from more than 500 white collar workers in US businesses, was conducted by social email software provider and research firm uSamp, USA Today reports.