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Lenovo X1 Notebook Debuts; No MacBook Air Rival

Those expecting the Lenovo X1 to be a worthy competitor to the Apple Macbook Air will be sorely disappointed, as the ultra portable laptop, which was released in the UK yesterday, shows no ambition to unseat Apple's uber slim duo.

Instead, the X1 targets the corporate and enterprise market, bringing some rather interesting features along the way.

It is the thinnest thinkpad with a full voltage Intel Sandy Bridge mobile processor, which means that it can accommodate even the i7 processors.

It is the first laptop we've seen that comes with the Corning Gorilla Glass, the same as on the iPhone 4 and the Dell Streak, a panel that covers its 13.3-inch screen that has a resolution of 1366x768 pixels.

The X1 also features three different display outputs; mini display-port, HDMI and Intel's proprietary Wi-Di technology. Lenovo's country manager was also keen to highlight the chiclet keyboard that's not only spill resistant but also features a backlight with the Trackpad's signature trackpoint red "eraser head".

The laptop also boasts an ultra fast charging process with 80 per cent achieved in 30 minutes and an external battery boosting the battery life of the X1 to more than 10 hours, roughly twice that of the normal battery.

There are a few omissions though like the lack of optical drive, no dedicated graphics card and the absence of a DSUB port.

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