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Microsoft, SAP Work Together To Help .NET Developers

Microsoft and SAP have announced their plans to make it easier for developers to create .NET applications for SAP environments.

The companies, which made the announcement during the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, also said that they would bring about tighter integration between SAP applications and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

Under the SAP-Microsoft deal, Microsoft will offer integration features on its Visual Studio platform to allow developers to build .NET applications for the SAP environment. The companies also said that they will work together to support SAP’s NetWeaver Gateway developer tool to Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.

The companies further strengthened their ties by announcing that in the future, SAP applications will support the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation machine and the Microsoft System Center. SAP and Microsoft hope to build a massive interoperable ecosystem for SAP applications and Microsoft’s virtualisation solutions for public and private clouds.

"Working together with SAP, our aim is to knock down any walls that would inhibit the richness and sophistication of our two combined platforms," said Ted Kummert, senior vice president of the Business Platform Division within the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, V3 reports.

"Customers and developers will have an open, more diverse field to build their IT infrastructures upon. We are ushering in modern IT platforms that can deliver value for years to come."