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Microsoft Says Intel's Wrong About Windows 8 Quartet

Microsoft has swiftly issued a statement to deny the arguments from Intel's Renée James who said that the software company will have at least six versions of Windows 8, four for ARM chips and two for Intel's own.

The Register was told by a spokesperson, "From the first demonstrations of Windows on SoC, we have been clear about our goals and have emphasised that we are at the technology demonstration stage. As such, we have no further details or information at this time."

When approached by the publication, Intel said that it will not comment further on the comments made by James, which may be seen as further strain put on the relationship between the two strategic partners.

She told an audience of investors that only the Windows 8 OS produced for x86 processors will offer a Windows 7 mode that will allow users to run "all of their old applications" while ARM based ones won't because, she argues, they're neither forward compatible, nor backward compatible between their own architecture (ed : try telling that to Google and Android developers).

One might argue that she used one of Microsoft's favourite weapons, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) to try and discredit opponents that are likely to be much tougher than AMD.