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Noon News: Unemployed In The UK Should Dig Trenches, Microsoft And SAP, Mass Boycott Of iOS API

The 2.4 million unemployed people in the UK should be deployed to dig trenches for superfast broadband says David Davis, the Member of Parliament from Haltemprice and Howden. Davis says that the broadband technology is not merely a technology, but a “whole modern marketplace", in which his country is lagging behind rest of the world, MediaTel reports.

The city and county of San Francisco have decided to move their entire email system to Microsoft’s cloud-based Exchange Online platform. The move, which will cost San Francisco $1.2 million in the first year, will see more than 23,000 employees migrating to Microsoft’s service which will provide email, calendar and hosted archiving features.

Microsoft and SAP have announced their plans to make it easier for developers to create .NET applications for SAP environments. The companies, which made the announcement during the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, also said that they would bring about tighter integration between SAP applications and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

According to some reviews, Android 3.1 tablets are the equal of Apple's iOS 4.3 based iPad 2. Here are some of the positive reviews which were collated by ComputerWorld. Scott Raymond sees three important improvements in the Honeycomb update: Android devices run faster and smoother, the browser and the Market apps are now stable and Flash performs better. He also thinks that developers will update their apps due to Google’s OS update.

Dozens of iOS developers who were targeted by patent troll Lodsys for use of an in-app upgrade button are organising a mass boycott of the API to force Apple to challenge the lawsuit on their behalf. Lodsys, an obscure patent licensing firm, sent legal letters to dozens of iOS developers, informing them that they are infringing on its patent by using the in-app purchase API.