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PlayStation Store should re-open on May 24th

Bruised and battered Sony plans to have its online shopping centre open for business by May 24th, according to a memo sent to game developers and Sony insiders.

Gaming site Gamasutra says it has seen the secret missive, which thanks all of those companies – which have been unable to sell their products online for weeks on end because of Sony's incompetence – for their continued patience.

Sony says it will up the level of content pushed to the store to make up for the extended outage and will update available products, including game add-ons and demos, twice a week for the foreseeable future or at least until the backlog is cleared.

Sony also said that, while it is trying to push new content in the order in which it was submitted, some shuffling may occur, particularly where downloadable content for existing titles has been published on other platforms.

The memo didn't mention whether companies that have potentially missed out on huge amounts of money in terms of lost sales would be compensated in any way. It seems Sony will adopt the same stance of sticking its fingers in its ears, its head in the sand, and poking its tongue out at its customers and suppliers it has done throughout this whole sorry affair.

The relaunch of the PlayStation Store should also allow disgruntled gamers to download the sorry choice of ancient games offered by way of compensation for more than a month of not being able to shoot their friends in their online faces.