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Publishers Unite To Offer Magazine Subscriptions On Android

The iOS vs. Android war has entered another field: that of magazine subscriptions. A few publishers have made their publications available via subscription on the iPad, while a new consortium called Next Issue Media has teamed up to offer magazines on the Android platform.

Next Issue Media is made of five publishers each offering certain publications on a subscription basis or as single issues. Time Inc offers Fortune and Time, Conde Nast provides the New Yorker, Meredith brings Fitness and Parents, and Hearst offers Esquire and Popular Mechanics. News Corp, the fifth team member doesn't bring any magazine as yet.

Morgan Guenther, Next Issue Media CEO told All Things D that although they were only active on Samsung Galaxy Tab, more than 40 magazines would be available on other devices as well by December.

Next Issue Media gives publishers more autonomy than the App Store. Guenther stated that publishers would receive "at least" 70 % of sales and access to subscribers’ personal data – this includes credit card information and email addresses. To compare, Apple grants 70% of revenues to publishers and controls most of the subscribers’ personal data.

So far, 50% of readers have agreed to share their private data with publishers.

Next Issue monthly subscriptions vary from between $1.99 and $5.99 while an issue costs between $2.99 and $4.99.