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Secret Service Accidentally Tweets Criticism Of Fox News

The US Secret Service has apologised over a rogue tweet sent by an employee that criticised Fox News.

The tweet, which was sent from the Secret Service Twitter account, criticised Fox News for ‘blathering’. The tweet suggested that the employee was asked to monitor Fox News for a story.

The employee was not amused by the assignment and tweeted his frustration from what he thought was his personal account.

“Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Blathering” the tweet read, leaving the US Secret Service red-faced.

Many people believed that the tweet was a hoax but the Secret Service said in a statement that it was sent by one of their own and the entire thing was a mistake. The agency apologised for the entire incident.

“An employee with access to the Secret Service's Twitter account, who mistakenly believed they were on their personal account, posted an unapproved and inappropriate tweet. The tweet contained no vulgarity, security or pertinent agency information. The tweet did not reflect the views of the U.S. Secret Service and it was immediately removed,” the Secret Service said in a statement, The Washington Post reports.

“We apologize for this mistake, and the user no longer has access to our official account.”