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Study Reveals 50% Of iOS App Downloads Are Games

Games alone contribute almost fifty percent of all iOS app downloads, a new study revealed.

The study conducted by the analysts from Distimo and Newzoo also claimed that the steady rise in game downloads has been led by the massively popular Angry Bird alone.

Angry Birds, a “revolutionary” offering from “Rovio” is undoubtedly the latest “happening” thing in the game industry. The company recently disclosed that the game has already surpassed the magic figure of 200 million downloads, the latest version Angry Birds Rio alone contributing approximately 35 million to the total tally.

Apparently, the game is yet to show any sign of slowing down as Rovio now prepares to launch an IPO within the next two or three years. Also, there have been hints coming from the firm that a new location based version of the game may hit market pretty soon.

The success of the game however, is not limited to just one platform. Having released multiple versions of Angry Birds for numerous platforms, Rovio recently introduced a new Chrome version of the game too - probably to try out their fortune with the desktop users.

As claimed by the analysts from Distimo and Newzoo, Angry Birds is just the tip of the iceberg as far as popularity of Smartphone based games is concerned.