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Unlock Your iPhone With Your... Face!

RecognizeMe, the app that uses facial recognition to unlock your iPhone has been released. The app works by scanning your face and comparing the feed with your photos stored in the iPhone’s database.

The Engadget team has tested out the app and they have not been completely satisfied with the results. Three people played around with the verification threshold settings, and set at 65% scan stringency, the device recognized and granted access to all three instead of just the intended one.

From 65% up, RecognizeMe did not unlock the iPhone for the female tester, but the app could not differentiate between the other two male testers, unlocking the device for both of them up to the 80% verification threshold. At 100%, the device was very secure because it did not unlock it for anyone!

Lower verification thresholds needed between 5-15 seconds to complete the scanning depending on lighting, and higher threshold verification took 25 seconds, so the app does take time at present.

Given the test results, user might just give up paying for an app that still needs so many improvements and stick to the old reliable passcode. Anyway, the app needs more time to complete scanning than users do to punch in the passcode.

The RecognizeMe face recognition unlocking app can be purchased for $7, and it ONLY works (more or less) on jailbroken devices.