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£69.99 Samsung E60 6-inch eReader

The Samsung E60 comes with an amazing 6 inch display which is friendly to your eyes, a must have feature for all eReaders that Samsung quite successfully included in this wonderful device. The viewing angel is 180 degree, another key aspect that makes it a gadget worth owning.

The integrated Wi-Fi and 3G technologies featured in the product enable you to download eBooks directly - no PC required. It gives you access to millions of downloadable books, online news papers, e-zines and what not!

However, if you already have plenty of ebooks in your hard drive and want to transfer to the E60, all you need to do is connect the device into your PC using the USB interface, and transfer all the files with just a click.

The built in storage capacity is pretty impressive - lets you store almost 14,000 eBooks. Some key additional features are a large built in dictionary, instant pen handwriting, long battery life, and many more. E60 comes with a 12 months warranty from Currys/PC World.

The Samsung E60 6" eReader is available at eBay for £69.99 only.