AMNews: China Mobile Confident Of Future, Red Hat Releases Enterprise Linux 6.1, Google Social Search, Angry Birds

China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou seems confident over its stock’s outlook even as the share price falls. Speaking during the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting, the chairman said he was ‘very confident’ about the stock when asked by an investor if it was right to hold on to the stock even after it fell by 12 percent in the past six months, Bloomberg reveals.

Nils Brauckmann is going to lead the newly created SUSE business unit, Attachmate’s SUSE division confirmed. Brauckmann, who earlier served Attachmate as the vice president of sales and marketing in the EMEA region, will be joining the new unit’s Nuremberg office as the president and general manager.

Commercial Linux software vendor Red Hat has dished out the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, the first major update since the platform was launched in November 2010. The company said that the publicly available offering brings more flexibility, reliability and scalability to the platform. Apart from delivering security patches and updates, the platform also brings with it support for new hardware systems that are expected to be launched in the future.

Search engine giant Google has rolled out its social search platform on a global scale after launching it back in 2009. Google’s social search platform allows users to search social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter from its own search interface. Users need to login using their Google accounts in order to access the service.

Games alone contribute almost fifty percent of all iOS app downloads, a new study revealed. The study conducted by the analysts from Distimo and Newzoo also claimed that the steady rise in game downloads has been led by the massively popular Angry Birds alone.