Apple Continues To Defend 'App Store' Trademark

Apple is still defending the idea that App Once Store is not a generic term. In a recent federal court filing, the company claimed that the term "app store" does not designate a "store for apps” since the common meaning refers to the store from which users can purchase apps for iDevices.

The iDevice manufacturer filed a suit against Amazon in March on the grounds that the online retailer did not have the right to use the term “AppStore” for it's Android application online retail outlet. Amazon, on the other hand, claimed that the term is generic and challenged Apple to prove otherwise.

Apple maintains that the general use of the term could confuse iDevice owners. They might be induced to download Android apps from Amazon and try install them on their iDevices. However silly this reason might seem, lawyers are glad to use it because it keeps the lawsuit ball rolling.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has approved Apple’s trademark filing and declared 'App Store' to be a trademark. Microsoft has challenged the decision and demanded that the case be judged again. If Microsoft’s appeal is successful and the trademark approval decision is overturned, Apple would probably reappeal the decision it is has fought so hard to gain.