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AT&T Accused Of Overstating iPhone And iPad Data Usage

AT&T has been accused of giving "systematically overstated data usage by 7-14% and sometimes up to 300 percent" on iPhone and iPad data plans.

The accusations have been formulated by claimants' lawyers who say they have spent more than $80,000 on testing iPhone devices on AT&T to demonstrate that the company is indeed inflating data usage, Tuaw reports.

During the testing, the lawyers blocked every possible iPhone feature that could have accessed 3G data. The bill gave the lawyers a big surprise because it stated that 35 data usage transactions had been made. The "extra” cost did not affect all users to a great extent, though some were ripped off by about $10-15 a month, which nevertheless would bring AT&T a lot of money as small overstated bills do add up, since AT&T has millions of users.

The company has commented on the accusations, saying they were "without merit." AT&T added that the lawsuit does not take into account "automatic app updates in the background”, which customers may ignore. But apps do not update automatically, except for push notifications. Moreover, automatic app updates cannot take place if the 3G feature is turned off and therefore the company should have no reason to inflate the bill.