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Creator Of Great Firewall Of China Gets Pelted With Shoes, Thrower Gains Mass Approval

A Chinese student has gained mass approval for throwing a shoe at the man responsible for creating the Great Firewall of China.

China deploys a draconian but effective online censorship system that prevents citizens from accessing politically sensitive content. The system also blocks access to popular western websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The defiant Chinese student, who goes by the handle ‘hanunyi’, threw a show at Fang Binxing while he was talking about the merits of web censorship during a speech at the Wuhan University.

He also gave a live account of his act on Twitter. As soon as the news broke, web users all over China gave their approvals for what he did, but the posts were removed by the government using the very system designed by Fang.

The show thrower said in an email cited by PC World that the web censorship laws were a great inconvenience to him and that is why he decided to vent his frustrations.

“I spend money to buy all this official software, but I can't use it (because of the censorship). This has made me really unhappy,” he said, but failed to specify what software he was using.