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HP Warns That Cloud Computing Early Adopoters Are At Risk

Hewlett Packard has warned that early adopters of cloud computing face a ‘huge’ data security risk, an article on On Track Data Recovery (opens in new tab) reports.

The company’s comments come as the European Union decided to launch a consultation on how to best implement the technology in European business sectors. The organisation said that cloud computing could save costs and boost business revenue model significantly.

“It's a huge concern. If you're moving a critical business process completely onto the cloud, the first area that CIOs (chief information officers) are concerned with is, 'Is it secure?,” said Subbu Iyer, senior director of products, application lifecycle management software at HP.

Iyer warned that businesses stepping into cloud computing would do well to proceed with caution. He specifically pointed out that small businesses, which don’t have the resources to form an internal data security team, should be particularly careful.

He likened cloud computing to mobile technology, claiming that both are invading the business space and pose similar data security risks. Like mobile computing, cloud platforms offer greater operational flexibility and reduced costs, but they take people out of the security landscape they are used to and expose them to new types of threats.