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Internet Explorer 9 The Only Browser Not Affected By A New Memory Leak

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser is the only web browser which is not infected with a flaw that could cause memory leaks.

A developer discovered that the IE explorer was the only web browser that does not run the risk of a huge memory leak owning to an image attribute, The Next Web reports.

The developer, who posted the details on the flaw on the Chromium issue tracker list, revealed that Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome were affected by the issue. The Opera web browser has yet to be tested.

The memory leaks happen when the browser requests an image from the server, with the image result containing the ‘Cache-Control: no-store’ attribute. The No Store attribute was created so that the images rendered by the browser are not stored on the local disk.

The developer tested the issue by creating a web page on Google App Engine. He revealed that in the demo he created a small image, only 22KB, but the memory increase for each image was more than 1000KB.

The flaw was not noticeable earlier because the attribute is not used in many popular websites.