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Late News: WordPress End Support For IE 6, PlayStation Network Store Returns May 24, No Memory Leaks In Internet Explorer 9

WordPress has announced that the blogging platform will no longer support Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 web browser. The ten year old web browser continues to be used by many, who don’t pay attention to warnings that they need to upgrade. The browser is not secure and is no longer supported by many websites.

After a painful month-long wait, Sony’s PlayStation Network Store is finally set to return on May 24, a new report revealed. The PSN Store, which lets PSN users purchase PS3 and PSP game consoles along with a wide variety of games, went offline following last month’s attack on the company’s PSN and PC Gaming Networks.

Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, told an audience a few days ago that the world's biggest semiconductor company will be resetting its Atom roadmap because it was "inadequate" and will focus on making the next generation as crucial as the first Pentium or Centrino products.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 web browser is the only web browser which is not infected with a flaw that could cause memory leaks. A developer discovered that the IE explorer was the only web browser that does not run the risk of a huge memory leak owning to an image attribute, The Next Web reports.

Sony's reputation for security is once again in tatters as it is revealed that its server infrastructure is playing host to fraudsters targeting Italian credit card holders. According to thinq_ It's a common tactic for phishers to break in to remote webservers to host their payloads, which pretend to be bank or credit card sites while secretly sending your personal information off to the criminals