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MasterObjects Sues Microsoft Over Instant Search Patent Infringement

Software firm MasterObjects has sued Microsoft for allegedly infringing on one of its patents related to the instant search feature.

The lawsuit, which also names Amazon and Google as defendants, claims that the accused use one of its patented technologies that displays completed research terms as users type in the search bar.

The company claims that it received the patent for the technology last year and had notified Microsoft about the patent way back in May 2008. The lawsuit has filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

According to the lawsuit, Microsoft is using its patented technology in its Bing, Internet Explorer, Windows Phone, iOS and Android offerings.

Retail giant Amazon has also been accused in the lawsuit for using its technology in its ‘suggestion feature’ which displays a drop down list of potential search terms as users start to type in the search bar.

Search engine giant Google has also been accused of violating the patent in its Google Instant, Google Suggest and the search bar in Android phones.

The technology mentioned in the lawsuit is used by several online services, e-commerce solutions providers in particular. eBay, Apple and Yahoo also use the same technology in their products, therefore it is expected that MasterObjects will target these companies and other similar firms next.