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Microsoft Cloud Based Exchange Giving Trouble Again

Microsoft’s cloud based email service, Exchange Online, has again started to give trouble to IT administrators across the Americas.

The service, which was hit by a series of glitches in the last week, again slowed down for several users, with many reporting a delay in sending and receiving email messages. Last week’s issues caused emails to be delayed by more than six hours.

Microsoft’s Exchange Online offering is a hosted version of its Exchange service and is a part of the Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS).

Affected users have bombarded Microsoft discussion forums and others with complaints of downtime and slow service.

Microsoft is yet to come up with an explanation for the recent outage but a spokesperson wrote in a blog, “Microsoft is investigating reports of intermittent mail flow issues affecting Exchange Online users served from the Americas data centre. We are publishing information to customers via our normal communication channels. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers.”

The outage comes a day after the software giant announced the city and county of San Francisco was moving its entire email system to Exchange Online. The city chose Microsoft’s services over those offered by Google and IBM.