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Napster Spotify Rivalry Heats Up, Napster Releases Smartphone App

Spotify rival Napster has dished out a new mobile music streaming service on iOS and Android based devices.

Napster, which had got into a lot of trouble over the legality of its services, released iPhone and Android apps to rival Spotify’s streaming service.

Earlier, users were able to access Napster via web browser and a Windows based application for £5 per month. Users were also allowed to access five MP3 files for free. Now, with the mobile apps, Napster is charging the same £10 fee that is charged by Spotify.

The company is offering more than 15 million songs for unlimited streaming and users can also purchase single MP3s or entire albums from the Napster store.

The Android and iOS apps will also feature pre-programmed playlists and radio stations. They will also be able to create their own playlists and sync them across their Napster account on any device that supports the service.

Napster strives to offer music lovers the opportunity to listen to music without barriers and with complete freedom, empowering users to take the music they love and discover on the move and access via multiple platforms,” Napster’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Europe, Thorsten Schliesche said to reporters.

“We are also committed to expanding freedom of access to streaming devices around the home and entertainment systems by integrating Napster services with devices such as internet connected TVs and wireless home audio systems,” he added.