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Nintendo Wii Console Price Falls Under £100; Wii 2 Coming?

The price of the Nintendo Wii gaming console has fallen to less than £100, leading to speculation that the Japanese company may be looking to clear out existing stocks of the Wii before the launch of the new Wii 2 which is rumoured to happen at E3 next June.

Game, Asda, Morrissons and others have already started or are expected to discount the standard version of the console. Game is also throwing in 1200 extra Game points when purchased before the 26th of May; which may be exchanged against games instore.

Both the black and the white models will be available at that price complete with the new Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort.

The current Wii has been the best selling current generation lounge gaming console, far ahead of the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. It mainly appealed to casual gamers and introduced gaming to a new generation as well.

Back then, its unique selling point was the ability to control a game using body movement via motion controllers. It proved to be so popular that its two other competitors, Microsoft and Sony, had to introduce their own versions, the Kinect and the Move respectively.

But the Wii does need to catch up on the competition; it sorely lacks HDMI connectivity for example, and its onboard hardware cannot deliver the level of graphics that's needed for high definition, large format screens.