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Nintendo Wii drops below magic £100 price point

Nintendo's family-friendly games console has dropped below the all-important £100 price barrier for the first time, which could well lead to a feeding frenzy, as large chains clear their inventory in advance of the expected release of the Wii 2.

Gamestation, GAME and Asda are all punting the motion sensing games box for 99 quid bundled with either Mario Kart or Sports Resort despite the trade price for the hardware remaining at £130.

The company has also slashed the price of a range of top-selling game titles to £20, no doubt to clear shelf space for the next-generation Wii, widely expected to be announced any day now.

The smart money is on a June 7th launch as Nintendo heads to the biggest gaming show on the planet, E3 in Los Angeles which kicks of on June 7th.

As such, the rumour mill is spinning frenetically, the latest tattle being about a giant controller with a six-inch stylus-operated display built in. Seems a bit unlikely to us, what with everyone trying to emulate the Wiimote already, but we'll reserve judgment until the launch.

Rumours of a Kinect-like camera being built into the sensor bar are a bit more believable in our book but it's all conjecture at this point.