Sony May Restore PSN Access For US Gamers On May 24

Sony is reportedly planning to restore access to online gaming in the US version of its PlayStation Network on Tuesday.

According to a report on Reuters citing Japanese news agency Kyodo, the company is planning to bring online games back to the US early next week.

A company spokesperson however failed to confirm the report and stuck to the vague end of May deadline given by Sony earlier.

The company was forced to shut down its entire global PSN platform after its servers came under attack by hackers. The hackers exploited known vulnerabilities in the system to gain access to PSN user data including names, addresses, emails and in some cases, credit card details.

Since then, the company has been trying to pacify angry users and partner companies by giving vague statements and deadlines while working to bring the system back online. Sony claims that the new PSN system would be more secure than the previous version.

Sony has also been restoring access to certain PSN services but online gaming is yet to come in the US. After the roll out, Sony plans to offer every PSN user free access to the network for month.