Sony Security Woes Mount As Its Server Are Used To Carry Out Phishing Attacks

Sony's reputation for security is once again in tatters as it is revealed that its server infrastructure is playing host to fraudsters targeting Italian credit card holders.

According to thinq_ It's a common tactic for phishers to break in to remote webservers to host their payloads, which pretend to be bank or credit card sites while secretly sending your personal information off to the criminals behind the scheme, for one simple reason: were they to pay for hosting themselves, the cyber-crooks would give investigators an easy route to catch them.

The affected server hosts Sony's Thai home page - and while the main site is as you would expect it to be, visitors to the sub-domain are treated to an unexpected extra: a fake home page for Carta Si, an Italian credit card company.

Sony has been notified of the attack, which was still live at the time of writing, but has yet to respond.