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Students: Free Xbox when you buy a Windows 7 PC

In an attempt to market Windows 7 a little harder towards students, Microsoft has decided to go all out and give away free Xbox 360's when a purchase is made towards a Windows 7 PC for $699 or greater.

Kristena Libby wrote on the Windows Experience Blog that, starting May 22, U.S. students will be able to buy any personal computer that comes with Windows 7. Microsoft, however, prefers you to purchase a computer built more for the student, but she notes that any PC will suffice.

Don't expect to walk away with a 250GB Xbox 360, because Microsoft is only giving away its 4GB 'Standard' consoles. The gaming console also will not feature its new Kinect motion sensor or a subscription to Xbox Live's Gold membership.

Students with a .edu email address will be able to purchase their Windows 7 PCs online through a participating online retailer like Dell and HP. Students will also be able to purchase their computers at a retail store as well as long as they bring their student ID card.

Libby notes that Microsoft is planning on running the promotion until its stock runs out, so you might want to hurry quick. The offer is bound to be taken advantage of. While the offer is currently only for U.S. residents, Microsoft will be bringing the promotion to Canada and, er, France soon.