Twitter sued over super-injunction posts

Twitter has become the target of the latest super-injunction lawsuit, with an certain cheeky footballer suing the microblogging site over revelations of an alleged affair with ex-Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.

The footballer is alleged to have taken out a super-injunction preventing all alleged mentions of the alleged affair, which is alleged to have lasted for an alleged seven months. Allegedly.

With the threat of multi-million pound penalties for those who choose to ignore the court's ruling to keep their mouths shut, the press have kept quiet on the matter - avoiding, as we are, naming the famous kicker of footballs as anything other than his court-appointed identity of 'CTB'.

Sadly, a user identifying himself on the popular micro-blogging site as 'Billy Jones' hasn't been quite so circumspect - and went on a rampage earlier this month, naming celebrities that have taken out super-injunctions to hide the shame of past indescretions - including allegations of intimate photographs, prostitute use, sexual harassment, and BDSM.

One particular message on the account - interesting, the first such message posted - states: "Footballer [CTB] had an extramarital affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas which lasted for 7 months. #superinjunction."

While we haven't repeated the name here - because, quite frankly, none of us get paid enough to risk legal action at the hands of an overpaid Premiership ball-booter - the original post is still very much live on Twitter's site.

In papers filed this week - CTB v. Twitter Inc. & Persons Unknown, High Court of Justice (Queens Bench Division), HQ11X01814 - the alleged subject of the super-injunction is seeking to force Twitter into disclosing the identity of the person or persons behind the account, along with any other users who have posted CTB's name. How successful CTB will be in suing an American company in the British court system, however, remains to be seen.

A Twitter spokesperson has told thinq_ that the company is "unable to comment" on the case.