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£7.99 Belkin F5D7634 Wireless G ADSL 2+ Modem Router

The F5D7634 Wireless G ADSL 2+ Modem Router is yet another magnificent offering from Belkin that helps you set up your home or small office network in real time and with the utmost efficiency.

The product is particularly useful for sharing your high speed broadband connection with multiple machines throughout your home or office. With the G ADSL 2+ Modem Router in your inventory, you can easily share documents, transfer files, play online games with your buddies stream music or videos locally, and a whole bunch of other activities throughout your home network. The advanced security features (256 bit WPA/WPA2- personal, 64-bit, 128-bit WEP) included in the product keeps it safe from any unauthorised access.

It is compatible with ADSL, ADSL 2 as well as the ADSL 2+ connections and carries four Ethernet ports. The maximum network coverage is up to 120 meters, and it supports up to 16 computers at any given time.

The quick installation guide assists you throughout the installation process, while the user manual helps to a great extent in helping out users to get started with the device.

The Belkin F5D7634 Wireless G ADSL 2+ Modem Router is available at for £7.99 only.