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Footballer Sues Twitter Over Privacy

A footballer has sued micro-blogging platform Twitter over the recent super-injunction scandal which saw a twitter posting a list of celebrities that have obtained gag orders.

A twitter user had decided to ‘out’ celebrities and public figures who had obtained super-injunction orders to prevent the media from posting their names or any other related information.

The footballer who is suing twitter obtained a super-injunction order to hide his affair with model Imogen Thomas.

According to report on the Guardian, the lawsuit has been filed against Twitter and its unknown users that had re-tweeted the list posted by the rogue twitter user.

The lord chief justice, Lord Judge, said that Twitter and its users were out of control when it comes to adhering to the law. Minister Jeremy Hunt claimed that Twitter was making ‘an ass out of the law’.

However, legal experts believe that the lawsuit would not be successful as the odds were against it. The UK did not have jurisdiction over websites running on servers outside the UK.

"This is not only scraping the bottom of the barrel, this is beneath the barrel. This [injunction] information is already available on servers outside of this jurisdiction and on website outside this jurisdiction," said Mark Stephens, a senior media lawyer at Finers Stephens Innocent.

"You would have to be a moron in a hurry to suggest to this footballer that he throw good money and publicly excoriate himself yet further" he added.