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Google Improves AIM Interoperability

Google has made AOL’s popular AIM instant messaging platform more interoperable with its communication services.

The company first started working with AOL over AIM connectivity back in 2007 when Google made it possible for Gmail users to chat with their AIM contacts, but the feature was restricted to Gmail.

Now, Google looks to benefit from AIM’s user base by allowing users to chat with their AIM contacts from iGoogle, Orkut and Google Talk on Android smartphones.

Google also introduced further improvements to AIM interoperability by allowing users to add their AIM buddies in the same way they add contacts on Gmail, by simply using their screen names. Users will no longer need to connect with their AIM accounts.

The company also said that AIM users will be able to Gmail contacts to their AIM desktop client. AIM has also provided a tool that would help users add their entire AIM buddy list to Gmail in one go.

“From the beginning, we designed Google Talk using open standards so that you could connect to your friends and family using any chat product, making communication as easy as possible,” Google said in a statement, TechRadar reports.