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PlayBoy Web Edition Optimised For iPad Launched, Full Archive Available Online

Adult magazine PlayBoy has launched a web-based edition of its magazine optimised for Apple’s iPad tablet PC device.

The company had already launched a PlayBoy app for the iPad but was forced to censor the nudity due to Apple’s policy for not offering adult in its iOS ecosystem.

The HTML 5 based application, which can be accessed from the device’s web browser, contains every issue that PlayBook has ever printed including the very first issue that featured Marilyn Monroe.

The website contains around 700 PlayBoy issues in total containing more than 130,000 pages that feature images and articles. The PlayBook Commission also plans to add new content every month, including videos, to the web based app.

PlayBook has been struggling with the rapid decline in the number of followers and figures that the iPad is a medium by which it could regain its former popularity.

Jimmy Jellinek, PlayBoy’s chief content officer, told Metro that users will “no longer have to store 57 years - 682 issues - of Playboy under their mattress.” He also called the app ‘the world's sexiest time machine’.

The service is available at a monthly subscription of $8 or £5, yearly subscription of $60 or £37 and a two year subscription of $100 or £62.