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Sony service sees points stolen in latest hack

Sony continues to be a popular target for ne'er-do-wells, with the company's So-net Entertainment division targeted by attackers who were able to make off with digital goods to the value of around £750.

The attackers, who have not yet been identified, targeted a section of Sony's Japanese So-net division which allows customers to gather reward points that can then be redeemed for Sony products and currency for use in the company's other on-line services.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the stored points from 128 customer accounts were cashed-in by the attacker, while another 73 accounts were compromised without a loss of value. In addition, 90 customer e-mail accounts were accessed unlawfully.

It is believed that the attackers used a brute-force program to repeatedly try passwords on accounts - guessing the passwords and taking advantage of a failure to lock accounts after multiple failed login attempts, rather than exploiting a vulnerability in the software behind the So-net service.

Although this latest attack is small potatoes compared to the incidents that saw over a hundred million personal details of PlayStation Network customers and several million credit card details downloaded in a series of massive attacks, it's the latest in what is rapidly becoming a comedy of errors for the company - and is unlikely to ingratiate Sony to Japanese regulators, who are still mulling over the decision as to whether the PlayStation Network has been secured enough to be switched back on in the country.