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Google Advisor Compares Financial Products Side By Side

Google has launched a new service that lets users search for the best deals on mortgages and other financial products.

Google Advisor will allow users to quickly find the financial products that suit their needs from multiple providers and will even be able to compare the prices of those products side by side.

In a blog post, Google said that users will be able to enter the kind of information they were looking for in a mortgage, credit card, CD, or checking and savings account. Google will present users with a list of products that match their criteria, along with the prices and contact information of providers.

The company had first started dabbling in providing financial information to users in 2009, allowing them to access a mortgage comparison tool. The company had later added support for credit cards, CDs, checking, and savings accounts.

Google hopes that Google Advisor will be able to become aone-stop shop for people’s financial needs.

“Financial decisions may be some of the most difficult decisions we face—whether it’s finding the right credit card or understanding the impact of paying an extra point on a mortgage. And these days, it seems like we have more financial options than ever,” the company said, Google Watch (opens in new tab) reports.