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Intel boosts SSD 320 warranty to five years

Intel has announced a little bonus for owners of its SSD 320 series of solid-state storage devices: an increase in warranty from three to five years.

While SSDs are generally considered to be more reliable than mechanical hard drives - largely due to the lack of moving parts and the amazing resilience they show if a laptop is dropped or exposed to sudden impacts during reading or writing - manufacturers are hesitant to offer long warranties due to the technology's as-yet unproven long-term nature.

Intel has decided that its latest range of drives, the SSD 320 series, is reliable enough for a warranty boost, however - increasing the limited warranty offered with the drives from three to five years.

While that's good news in and of itself, the company has decided to go one step further: while all new Intel SSD 320s purchased will include the five-year warranty, it is also retroactively applying it to SSD 320 drives already in the market - meaning that if you've purchased one of the drives, you're automatically covered by the extended warranty.

Intel's move echoes a growing interest in solid state storage technology in the mainstream of computing, where its high speed and impressive reliability is tempting users away from more traditional magnetic storage drives - but the technology still has a way to go before it becomes the de facto standard, especially in areas of capacity and cost.