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Sharp To Launch Its Smartphone Line Globally

Japanese electronics giant Sharp plans to launch its Aquos series of Android based smartphones globally.

The company already launched three versions of the device in Japan earlier this month and is preparing for a world-wide roll out.

The company however, failed to give out the exact details of the launch including partners, countries and date, for the roll-out of the non-Japanese version of the device. The company did mention that it would launch the device in China but maintained that launches in other companies were being planned as well, PC World reports.

The three models being offered by Sharp in Japan run a version of Google Android. One is a clamshell model and the other two come with 3.7 inch and 4.2 inch touch screens. The clamshell model features a 16MP camera, a screen that supports 3D content and a mobile digital TV tuner.

The devices are also high on connectivity, offering HDMI support for connecting to HD televisions and support for DLNA networking standards for connecting with living room electronics like Blu-Ray DVD players.

Sharp will be entering a competitive market, increasing Android's relative market share against Apple, which still dominates the smartphone market.