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£299.99 Lenovo Essential B560 M489CUK 15.6-inch Notebook

Lenovo is a market leader when it comes to producing notebooks with a wide range of innovative technologies and a state of the art design, all at a really affordable price. The powerful Lenovo Essential B560 M489CUK Notebook is no exception in this trend.

The Essential B560 M489CUK is powered by the Intel Pentium Dual Core (P6200) 2.13 GHz Processor (with 3MB L3 Cache), which, along with the sophisticated 2 GB DDR3 memory, is just more than enough to ensure you a pretty fast, and highly efficient computing platform.

Lenovo has always been known for the extra bit of effort it emphasises on in order to equip its notebooks with a sophisticated display technology. The same goes with the Essential B560 M489CUK as well. The product feature an impressive 15.6 inch HD Glare TFT technology with LED backlit that goes really soft on your eyes, at the same time, delivering a high-end visual output. The maximum supported resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, whereas the aspect ratio stands at 16:9. The storage capacity is 250 GB.

The product also features an integrated dual-speaker combo with an overall output of 3 watt (2 x 1.5W).

The Lenovo Essential B560 M489CUK Notebook can be purchased from CCL Online for £299.99 only (inc VAT).