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£59.99 LG BD550 Blu-Ray Disc Player

The LG BD550 Blue-Ray disc player is a smart way to enjoy Blue-Ray and DVD movies in a full HD 1080p environment.

Thanks to all the innovative technology, the LG BD550 leaves you with an amazing view in set up, with a resolution twice as high as that in any standard DVDs.

With the BD550 in your entertainment inventory, you can also watch your old Standard Definition DVD movies in an 1080p full HD environment. The upscaling of SD picture via the HDMI output makes this “miracle” possible.

The product also features support for the NetCast Entertainment access, thus allowing users to enjoy the best Internet services directly on their TV- no computer needed. The NetCast access support feature enables users to instantly access TV Shows, movies, news and what not!

Its not just about the amazing visual aspect, the product is also equipped with a bunch of superior audio functionalities including a 7:1 surround channel with Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Advanced Digital Out and Dolby True HD technologies.

It also supports USB connectivity, thus allowing you to play movies, music, or even still images directly from a compatible USB mass storage device.

The LG BD550 Blu-Ray Disc Player can be purchased from RGBdirect for an amount of £59.99 only.