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AMNews: No Movie Rental Feature On Rooted Android Phones, Aperture On iPad, Chromebook Most Wished For On Amazon

Much to the disappointment of hundreds of thousands of users who rooted their Android phones, Google has announced that their new movie rental services won’t be available to rooted devices. According to the company, this restriction has been imposed on rooted devices because of complications arising from copyright related issues.

Amazon has not even started to take preorders for the six Chromebook stock keeping units but two of them are already in the top 20 "most wished for" laptop category. The original Chromebooks though are far from being perfect and there are at least four things that can be done to improve the current generation quite easily actually.

Google has launched a new service that lets users search for the best deals on mortgages and other financial products. Google Advisor will allow users to quickly find the financial products that suit their needs from multiple providers and will even be able to compare the prices of those products side by side.

Apple might be planning to bring Aperture, its professional photo editing tool, to the iPad, a patent has indicated. The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for using Aperture on touch enabled devices. Judging by the drawings on the patent, Apple plans to launch the application for the iPad and future touch enabled Mac desktops and laptops.

Guardian executive Mike Bracken has been appointed as the executive director of digital by the UK Cabinet Office. Bracken, who is the director of digital development at the Guardian, will start his new job at the Cabinet Office from July 5. He will be responsible for bringing public services online and improving the government’s online activities.